15.10.2016 – 15.1.2017
Mekhitar Garabedian, Eva Giolo,
Katrin Kamrau, Jasper Rigole,
Meggy Rustamova, Lisa Spilliaert

HOMELESS MOVIES also goes beyond the walls of the museum. The House of Alijn and guest curatorEdwin Carels invite six artists to delve deep into the museum’s home movie collection and from it to distil a new film. Starting 15 October you will be able to discover the results of their work for yourself at various intriguing locations around Ghent. Film booths will be set up in public places around the city, offering the viewer a few minutes of isolation from the outside world. Peering into the memories of others, there is certainly an aspect of voyeurism involved. The project elicits questions about the evolution of visual culture, identity, the use of media in the context of memory, and the dynamic between public and private contexts.

The artists all belong to a young generation of visual artists that deal with moving image in an analytical but also personal way. All the artists are connected to the city of Ghent in one way or another.